Our Mission is to create a community-based organization providing wellness education, resources and one-on-one guidance, designed to create healthier lifestyle choices and management of overall well-being. 


This allows the sharing and receiving of experiential knowledge, based on various modalities and tools, including, but not limited to, Yoga and Ayurveda, in order to support self-awareness, personal development, lifestyle management, well-being and ultimately self empowerment.


Initially born out of the acronym Yoga Ayurveda Nutrition Aromatherapy, the basic toolbox from which it all started,  Yana Shala has grown into much more!


From its Sanskrit original meaning:


Yāna means vehicle or path, a set of teachings that, through practice, carries and supports you on your life journey.


Shala means school, sacred space, house, home, abode


Our goal is to create an educational platform that promotes all of the modalities within the healing and wellness community including, but not limited to, yoga, meditation, Ayurveda and aromatherapy, and to create a community of support where people meet to share their goals, needs and experiences in an effort to enhance their own self-awareness and healing potential to offer a safe space for self-exploration and self-empowerment.  


We host professionals with varying backgrounds to train and teach within this community and to support our overall mission through different healing platforms creating education and awareness. We support all Yoga lineages and are inclusive of all methods.   



Yana Shala is your home and community. It's a school that provides a safe space, tools and teachings for you to explore, learn, practice and share on your path towards personal growth, life purpose and self-empowerment and a space that you can always come to for more.

Yana Shala 


Meditation, self-knowledge...